Beaching Up The Home With Seashells

seashells decor ideas

All summer and fall Bellamy Blue and I were collecting seashells at sunrise. Big brother Emory did help a little, but it was our special seashell project.

I had a bunch of different ideas of what to do with the seashells, but while we’ve been busy painting, building and renovating the bucket outside just filled up with seashells and my ideas remained ideas. Continue reading “Beaching Up The Home With Seashells”

The $20 Pink Dresser Makeover

Pink is not exactly beachy, but pink goes very well with beachy blue. So, when our daughter requested a pink room, I began negotiating. At the age of three, she would finally have her very own room, when we moved, so I had great plans for her girly room.

Pink Dresser Makeover

However, when our dream home did not appear before our moving date, we ended up buying an investment property instead. A home, not in the neighborhood we want to be – but in the town to we wanted to be, that we are planning on renting out, as soon as we find our dream home in our dream neighborhood at our dream price.

So, pink walls were out, and we decided on going with a light blue beachy color throughout the home. Instead we went pink in her bedding and her curtains, and I hoped to find a pink dresser. Continue reading “The $20 Pink Dresser Makeover”

Bringing The Beach Inside: The Shabby Chic Book Shelves Makeover

shabby chic bookshelves refinish

I’ve been busy beaching up our new home, and with four kids in the mix, it sure isn’t an easy task. After finally painting all rooms a beachy blue except for the bathrooms and the kitchen, I finally moved on to the first pieces of furniture that needed a shabby chic makeover. Continue reading “Bringing The Beach Inside: The Shabby Chic Book Shelves Makeover”

My New Island Bike – Getting Around Without A Worry


island bike

We’ve always been a one car family, and it is not about to change any time soon. Being a one-car family has saved us a lot of money over the years, and it has been one of the reasons why we’ve been able to pay cash for our first home.

Continue reading “My New Island Bike – Getting Around Without A Worry”