Beaching Up The Home With Seashells

seashells decor ideas

All summer and fall Bellamy Blue and I were collecting seashells at sunrise. Big brother Emory did help a little, but it was our special seashell project.

I had a bunch of different ideas of what to do with the seashells, but while we’ve been busy painting, building and renovating the bucket outside just filled up with seashells and my ideas remained ideas.

Then one day, when I was thrift store hunting for planters – who knew how expensive new ceramic planters could be? – I came across a dollar section at a small thrift store outside of our expensive historic downtown.

glass decor

I spotted a few pieces of glassware that I thought would be perfect for our coastal decor, and when I returned home I realized that adding seashells would be the perfect way to beach up our home a little.

Seashell decor

After 10 years with very little room to decorate and too little light to grow plants inside, I am thrilled to finally have room, soft floors and light, so it is time to up the decor.

Seashell decor


Seashell decorations

Isn’t it amazing what a difference a few seashells can make?

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