The $20 Pink Dresser Makeover

Pink is not exactly beachy, but pink goes very well with beachy blue. So, when our daughter requested a pink room, I began negotiating. At the age of three, she would finally have her very own room, when we moved, so I had great plans for her girly room.

Pink Dresser Makeover

However, when our dream home did not appear before our moving date, we ended up buying an investment property instead. A home, not in the neighborhood we want to be – but in the town to we wanted to be, that we are planning on renting out, as soon as we find our dream home in our dream neighborhood at our dream price.

So, pink walls were out, and we decided on going with a light blue beachy color throughout the home. Instead we went pink in her bedding and her curtains, and I hoped to find a pink dresser.

Finding a pink, solid wood dresser deemed to be impossible – at least in my price range, and no I was not going to buy any manufactured wood dresser for her room or spend $500 on a solid wood one either.

Instead she kept her old, small white, baby dresser until I finally found a solid wood dresser for $20 on Craigslist. It had a horrible, gray spray paint job, but it showed promise in the quality of the wood and construction.

With minimal sanding, and a can of beautiful pink paint, I made it a Sunday project. The next day we moved Bellamy Blue’s new-to-her pink dresser into her beach breezy blue room, and she was delighted. She still looks at the dresser once in a while, and then thanks me for making her a pink, princess dresser – the gratefulness is just heartwarming.

I’m not a crafty person, but with a little time and patience, even I could make the transformation. My big “secret” for painting furniture is using small foam paint rollers as these leave a smooth finish. You can find them cheap on Amazon or at your local home improvement store. Then for the detailing I use small 1  – 2 inch foam paint brushes to get a smooth finish, where the roller can’t reach.

My original plan was to make the drawers white with pink handles, but it turned out that buying half a gallon of pink paint costs the same as buying one gallon. So instead I painted the entire dresser pink, used white for the handles, except for the one drawer, where the handles had been glued on. I improvised and made these handles pink, and then I moved the drawer to the bottom of the dresser to make it look intentional.


What do you think?

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  1. This looks like a completely new dresser! Now I am inspired to paint the furniture in my den and bedroom to make it look more up to date.

  2. My sister in-law will really appreciate this great information. It is so nice of you to share this with us so I can pass this on to my family members who can really cherish it.

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