A Busy Beach Bike Break

Life has been busy around here, and as a mom of four there is hardly ever a moment to just regroup. My daughter and I have made it our mission to have a weekly picnic , where we just enjoy nature and each other.

beach bike ride

Recently we got on the bike and pedaled all the way to the beach, we rode as far as we could until we saw no other people, and then we spread out our picnic blanket, rid ourselves of our beach cover ups and enjoyed a rare day of high 70s by playing in a tidal pool.

Do you ever take a moment to re-energize?


3 thoughts on “A Busy Beach Bike Break”

  1. If you live close to the water (a beach, lake or river) you can enjoy a bike brake. Riding the bike gives you additional freedom to explore off the beaten pathway. You know what, even in the middle of the city that bike adds to your options. Get out and ride that bike if the weather is agreeable.

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