Hurricane Matthew Flooding

Hurricane matthew down powerlines

Coastal living just took a scary turn this past weekend, as Hurricane Matthew pummeled up Florida’s coast, before continuing up the coast and causing havoc, flooding and loss of life in Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina.

Our beautiful, historic coastal town took a hard hit. The beaches and barrier islands flooded, the historic downtown flooded, and even the mainland flooded.

We decided on evacuating minutes before the second mandatory evacuation order came in, and somehow we managed to get a hotel room for Thursday and Friday a little more inland than where we currently live.

We lost power even before the eye came close, but we are so thankful that our family, our friends and our home are safe. We live under some huge old trees, and even though my husband did a lot of clean up beforehand, we still feared that one of them would go down.

We were incredibly fortunate, because we arrived home Saturday morning to find our home still standing with no roof damage. Not only that, but our home was dry, thanks to the four steps we have.

Many of our neighbors were not as fortunate, as our area had flooded, and any low-lying homes had gotten water damage. The lot on our left, which is usually a scenic park-like area looked like a lake, with water seeping under our fence, and there were at least a dozen huge trees down. Thankfully none of them hit our home.

hurricane matthew flooding

As we took a drive around the neighborhood, we spotted more trees down, down power lines, and the wooden areas stood in a a yard or so of water unable to run off anywhere.

Hurricane Matthew flooding

The next day we took a drive over to the neighborhood we are hoping to buy our forever home in, as we were afraid it would be prone to flooding. Amazingly there were no signs of flooding on the homes, not even the waterfront homes, but we did see a dozen or so boats that had been left stranded on the road side after the water pulled out.

boat stranded after Hurricane Matthew

Were you affected by Hurricane Matthew? If you were, please stay safe during clean up – it is such a dangerous task.

3 thoughts on “Hurricane Matthew Flooding”

  1. That is absolutely terrifying! I am so fortunate not to have experienced any flooding. I thought earthquakes were bad, but this is even scarier. I am so glad you guys are okay!

  2. We live far enough inland that we were not affected at all by the hurricane. However here in NC many people were. Family members with homes at the coast had lots of clean up to do and the dunes at those beaches were completely wiped out.

  3. I live in South Carolina and it was bad here too. A lot of flooding and downed trees plus everyone from the coast was evacuated from the coast to this area. They say this year will be worse. I hope not.

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