Spanish Moss Covered Oak Canopy

Spanish Moss Covered Oak Canopy

Bellamy Blue and I spent most of the week touring our new surroundings on the bike, and many of the sights we saw were calming for the soul. As a writer, my imagination is running out of control in this place so full of history and charisma.

Wherever we go I try to talk to the locals – our new neighbors – and the life stories I hear are inspiring. I’ve talked to turtle farmers, snake catchers, met a Vietnam veteran with a lifetime of stories to tell, a former Manhattan police office, a woman who lived through the last big hurricane Dora in 1964, I’ve listened to a myriad of stories from the past, and my ears are slowly becoming adjusted to the Ebonics dialect that I used to try to decipher, when I last lived here.

The moss covered oak canopy above is just one of our favorite finds from this week, but it is amazing what you notice, when you look at your surroundings with curious eyes.

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    1. Jennifer, this particular street suffered a lot of damage during Hurricane Matthew, and a before/after photo went viral. I have yet to return to see it after the damage, but I hope to go soon.

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