My New Island Bike – Getting Around Without A Worry


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We’ve always been a one car family, and it is not about to change any time soon. Being a one-car family has saved us a lot of money over the years, and it has been one of the reasons why we’ve been able to pay cash for our first home.

However, this past week I got my own wheels. For my birthday I received my first bike, since I left my parents house a couple of decades ago. When we lived in South Florida, I was too fearful of the crazy drivers and the insane traffic to get a bike, but thanks to our move things have changed.

In our new coastal community, it is all about island living. My husband was hesitant, but I still got the bike for my birthday, and I no longer live in slow motion. I’ve not been on a bike since my college days, but it only took me a few seconds to get used to the feeling.

All of a sudden Bellamy Blue and I can get wherever we want without having to wait for public transportation, a ride or walking. On our first ride we rode to toddler time at the library, visited a few playgrounds, rode all around the island and then back to the mainland. It was an 8 mile long ride, and it was amazing. We explored places we had not seen before, and we still made it back home before the boys’ pick up time.

It feels so good to be able get wherever I want without having to rely on anyone else and without having to worry about the environmental impact. Our new town is a great place to bike, with small side streets, lots of sidewalks and bike routes, and it won’t be long before I make it to the beach on my new wheels.

Getting my own bike has provided me with a new sense of freedom, and I am enjoying it to the fullest.

Do you ever ride a bike?

2 thoughts on “My New Island Bike – Getting Around Without A Worry”

  1. Used to ride to work on a bike. It was fabulous. Now I live 35min by car to work. Oh dear!
    Also tried to leave a message at your link up about going back ‘home’. It is great for kids to have a chance at small community rural living. So much to do, if you know what and where to look. Congratulations for returning home.

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