Saving Starfish on the Beach

Starfish on the beach

We got up early enough to see the stars in the sky and before the roosters announced the day. The reward was a beach littered with seashells, corals, starfish and more – remnants from the storm leaving our shore.

I went for the usual morning stroll with my three-year-old daughter Bellamy Blue, and along the way we met a homeless man. He was overjoyed to find someone willing to listen to his stories of a life full of adventure, and he showed Blue how to save the starfish that had been left behind by the tide.

At first she resisted his offer to put the starfish back in the ocean by hand, but she looked on with great enthusiasm as he did so. Once we parted ways with the elderly man, Bellamy Blue took it upon herself to save the starfish on our way back. With a shovel in her hand, she braved her fears and made the world a little brighter.



4 thoughts on “Saving Starfish on the Beach”

  1. First, I love that you didn’t ignore the homeless man and heard him out. I’m certain you made his entire week! Second, I love that your daughter overcame her fears.

  2. Thank you for being a kind soul to not be rude or mean to someone less fortune than yourself. It’s great that your daughter had a lesson in saving our earth.

  3. This is such a kind story and a learning lesson too.
    As a Florida beach girl all life and lover it is always rewarding to save what we can.
    I’m very involved with coral bleaching HBOI! Love it, saving turtles and our lagoon. And more. Mentor young girls in the marine sciences is very rewarding too.

  4. Awww what a loving sweet thing to teach your child. She now knows that the starfish should go back in the water. She saved him and will continue saving little animals because it feels so good to do that.

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