Bye Bye Hurricane Hermine


Hurricane Hermine

We survived Hurricane Hermine!

We’ve been watching Hermine’s path closely this past week, and it was with a sigh of relief that we saw the path move further and further north of us. By yesterday we were officially out of the path and out of the cone, but we’ve been under tropical storm warnings with tropical storm winds.


We are currently under a tornado warning, but so far our new home has escaped without any damage. We live surrounded by trees, and we got a couple of estimates around $2000 to clear out the worst branches.

This was way out of our price range, so my husband bought a 16 ft ladder for $85, and then he started clearing off some of the most threatening limbs close to the house and power lines. Now that the storm has passed us, it looks like he did a great job, because we still have power and no holes in the roof.

Hurricane hermine damage

We’ve had some wind gusts and the side of our house, plus the yard and the street is littered with small branches, but nothing heavy enough to do any damage. We’re very thankful!

Hurricane hermine damage st. johns county

Now that we are living in a coastal community surrounded by rivers, we are looking at storm threats much differently than we used to. We live a few miles closer to the ocean than we used to, but it is mostly the rivers that scare us a bit. Thankfully we’re not in a flood zone, but many areas around us flood often.

Just looking at the images of the damage that Hurricane Hermine left behind in the Florida bend leaves me extra thankful for living just a little inland. Even just north of us, several homes have had trees come down on top of them, and hopefully these tornadoes threats will soon vanish from our area, before more damage occur.

What about you? Were you or are you in Hermine’s path? Did you get any damage from Hermine?


Stay safe!

3 thoughts on “Bye Bye Hurricane Hermine”

  1. I’m in Northern New Jersey. They had predicted rain and winds for us earlier in the week, but it ended up being a beautiful weekend. The Jersey shore seems to have been spared also…aside from some rip tides and heavy surf….so no swimming was allowed. Glad this one missed New Jersey.

  2. I can’t imagine how scary that would be, in the way of a hurricane! I live out in the midwest, so we’re right in tornado alley as they say, but so far we’ve never been involved in one. I guess there are nature dangers everywhere.

  3. Glad to hear you didn’t go through anything worse. Those storms can be very unpredictable, but thankfully Hermine didn’t stick around any longer.

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