Coastal Living – Passing A Lazy River On Our Way Home

San Sebastian River

Anywhere we go in our new town, we are surrounded by beauty. This view from one of the rivers going through the town takes my breath away every time we pass it. I just want to pause and take it all in.


Do you have a place that takes your view away, every time you pass it?

2 thoughts on “Coastal Living – Passing A Lazy River On Our Way Home”

  1. What a lovely spot. It looks so peaceful and serene. I used to spend summers on the Rappahannock in Virginia when I was growing up. Loved it there.

  2. My place is a river we go to to go fishing. In the early, early morning when the mist is rising off of the water…. all the stress and my anxiety vanishes. I literally let out a breath and just relax.

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