Collecting Seashells

seashells in a bucket

Our new home is still in the middle of move-in disarray, as we are fixing up one project after another.

Still, it is beginning to look like home a little bit more every day, and soon it will be time to start putting out beachy stamp on it.

To prepare for the decorating phase, my daughter – 3-year-old Bellamy Blue and I went for a long beach stroll to collect seashells. We have a couple of special beachy projects for our backyard in mind.


2 thoughts on “Collecting Seashells”

  1. Growing up, our family had a vacation home at the beach. We would drive down almost every other weekend and stay even longer during the summers. I loved it.

  2. We visited Florida (Cocoa Beach) about 3.5 years ago and our kids LOVED collection shells, there wasn’t much they were small or broken but they still had fun walking the beach. Now they walk the beach here at home (Lake Michigan) and they are bummed they only find rocks. 🙂

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